Dobromir Stoyanov

My name is Dobromir Stoyanov. I have two years of professional accounting experience at Sprint-Nextel, Cedar Fair and Kraft Foods.  I am currently working at Ernst & Young in their Tulsa office.

Recently I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Accounting from Truman State University. I was a graduate research assistant helping a faculty member in The School of Business with their research.

I enjoy swimming, reading and investing.

If you want to contact me, e-mail me at dbs119 at truman dot edu.

Check my LinkedIn profile from this link. (Dobromir Stoyanov)

Check my Twitter activity: DStoyanov


About Dividend Growth Investor

I write about dividend growth stocks on my website I am mostly a buyer of high quality dividend stocks, with solid competitive advantages. My holding period is forever, as long as the dividend is at least maintained. I tend to concentrate my efforts on stocks which grow earnings and dividends, which provides outstanding total returns over time. I only focus my attention to stocks with sustainable dividend payments. I am also a firm believer in diversification accross sectors and geographic locations. I have been focusing my attention particularly to companies that regularly increase dividends to their shareholders on my website. On my blog I share my thoughts on investing in dividend paying stocks that have consistently increased their payments over time and tips on growing my dividend income. I hope that my blog will serve as an inspiration for my readers and that it would change their financial lives for the better. Visit my website, Dividend Growth Investor (
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